YGDRA is an entrepreneurial business started by Christina Jacobsen , mother of Øjvind with autism and Michael Fogtmann, father of daughter Siff with autism.


I’m a solo mom to Øjvind at 7, with atypical autism. Øjvind is a donor child so we are a mini family of 2.

I am also an Architect, designer and design teacher.

When Øjvind was diagnozed I had a hard time fully to realize that I had a child with autism. I had no suspicion of it myself. It was Øjvind’s kindergarten that had asked for a psychologist to observe him, and the psychologist who had recommended that he was examined.

After we got the diagnosis of Atypical Autism, I participated in courses and a networking group. It was definitely useful and important tools I got from here. Still, I missed some positive angles on my child’s future prospects, and I especially missed some knowledge of what I could do to support his development. I spent a lot of time finding some good solution for my child in our new situation, which can be a challenge when you are both a solo mum and have to work too. That’s one of the reasons why I, through YGDRA, want to design some useful products that have a decent design. So that one’s home does not have to look like the traditional institution just because one’s child has been diagnosed.

My goal is that as a family or institution you have access to some well thought products so you don’t have to piece things together yourself. At the same time that you can get products in a design apropriate for a modern home.


I am the father of Mille at 21 and Siff at 18. Together we live in Brejning between Vejle and Fredericia.

In YGDRA, I have the role of mentor and I use my background as a leader to bring our stakeholders together in a strong network so that we can jointly achieve our purpose of helping families of children with special needs have an easier life and happier children.